Why do I use WordPress?

I have been using WordPress for years. The platform is more scalable than most people think, it comes with thousands of plugins you can use to make you site virtually do anything! All from a platform that is probably the most widely used in the world.

I have previously used SilverStripe for developments and, yes, SilverStripe is incredible and the options are literally endless. You can create sites that are unique with seriously powerful code to handle pretty much anything. The only issue I have with using this platform is time, the system is far more time consuming to create a similar looking site to WordPress end product, which will in turn cost you more to have built.

Did I start using WordPress from the beginning, no, I have used pretty much every system going and I have settled on WordPress being the ultimate solution for my business.

I run my site on WordPress to prove to you I have the utmost faith in the system.


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